Trust: A building block.

Trust is a fragile thing, a small gesture can make or break it. In a relationship, trust plays an important part. Without trust even a stable relationship can collapse like a sand castle. Trust is like a glass, once it breaks, as much as you repair it, there will always be a mark left behind. […]

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Breakups”, most of us are quite familiar with these term. All of us experience these atleast once in our lives, but mostly we experience these phase in an romantic relationship. These phase is quite painful for both the parties as they have grown attached to their significant other, both emotionally and mentally, they somehow cope […]

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We all have expectations. Our family has expectations from us, we have expectations from life and so on. It’s an never ending cycle. There is no human in this world who doesn’t have any expectations. Sometimes expectations are met, other times not. But that doesn’t mean we stop having one. Expectations pushes us to fulfill […]

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An Intellectual rara avis

You meet many different people in your life, some are meant to stay and some were, you know, spend few days and then they exit your life forever, but there are few person who leave some part of there existence behind them which will constantly remind you about that said person. They neither made any […]

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Life not a bed of roses

Struggles…… problems…….. challenges….. This words or phases have become an important part of our lives. This phases defines our lives because, just as I have said these in my previous blog on life… LIFE IS NOT A BED OF ROSES. You can’t deny this, but we all face this three phases in our lives some […]

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Love: not a fairytale

Love is a very unfair thing. Yes, it is…. you do not have an idea that the person you love even reciprocates the feeling or not. In most of the cases it happens that the person does not feel the same. Lets face it, life is not a fairytale that you’ll find your prince charming […]

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12th result: the final day.

Recently the 12th results are out. Some are very happy with there results and some are upset because there marks were not up to the mark. But, don’t worry this is not the end of the world. I know you have read this a million times and heard a hundred times, but I think this […]

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Love with its different colours.

Love is a feeling that all of us has experienced at some point in our life (excluding me). Anyways, according to the Ancient Greek there are eight types of love. “Eros” or Erotic Love The first kind of love is Eros, which is named after the Greek god of love and fertility. Eros represents the […]

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Perfection: A myth.

Perfect……. being perfect. As simple as that, but being “perfect” is a myth. Nobody is born perfect. If everybody was perfect then life would have been boring as hell. Moon wouldn’t have been the most beautiful creation in the world if it didn’t have its flaws. Flaws makes you who you are, it makes you […]

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Parents: A powerhouse.

Parents are the biggest pillar in our lives. Without them we wouldn’t have been on this earth in the firstplace. They love us with all their hearts and to protect us they can fight with any influential power of the world, even the god himself. People say that god couldn’t be everywhere so, he created […]

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